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Located in Aberdeen, NC, our 40,000-square-foot facility sits on 50 acres and gives us central access to our customers and partners.

A state-of-the-art safety and training facility was constructed in 2019 to further support our commitment to providing the safest and most highly skilled workforce in the industry. In August 2020, Lee Electrical Construction, Inc. was acquired by Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR) and became Lee Electrical Construction, LLC.

Our Leadership

Jason Lee

Jason Lee


Jason has been in the role of President since January 2023 after being in the COO role for the prior years up to 2023. Jason obtained his BSBA and MBA from East Carolina University and has been with the company since 2007. Being a third-generation family member in the industry and having witnessed firsthand the work that was necessary to grow the company from its beginnings, he is well-positioned to make sure that the company continues focusing on safety, quality, and meeting the needs of our customers.

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Jerry Lee Jason

Jerry Lee

Executive Advisor

Jerry, one of the original founders of Lee Electrical Construction and prior President, is currently serving as Executive Advisor assisting management and employees in best practices in power line construction.

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Donnie Lee Jason

Donnie Lee

Vice President, Substation & Transmission

Donnie serves as Vice President of Substation & Transmission with over fifty years of industry experience. Donnie currently supports several operating departments with strategic guidance and leadership and is a founder of Lee Electrical Construction.

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Tim Moore Jason

Tim Moore

SVP, Overhead Distribution

Tim serves as Senior Vice President of Distribution Operations in both Carolinas and Virginia. Tim has over forty years of experience in the powerline construction and maintenance industry and is responsible for contract pricing, performance analysis, and business development.

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Todd Kantor Jason

Todd Kantor

Director, Safety

Todd serves as the Director of Safety drawing from more than twenty years of operational experience. His responsibilities include overseeing and implementing safety programs and policies and promoting a culture of safety awareness and compliance for employees.

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John Cook Jason

John Cook

Director, Fleet

John Cook has served as Fleet Director over fleet operations for over eighteen years. Core responsibilities include oversight of all maintenance operations, vehicle/equipment specifications & acquisitions, and environmental requirements.

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Kim Reynolds Jason

Kimberly Reynolds


Kimberly started her journey in the construction industry with Lee Electrical in February of 2000. With over twenty-four years of dedicated service, Kimberly has ascended through various roles within the accounting department. Now serving as Controller, she shoulders a broad range of responsibilities crucial to the financial health and operational efficiency of the company and manages all financial, accounting, and treasury functions.

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Kate Klein Jason

Kate Klein

Director, Human Resources

Kate serves as Director, Human Resources leveraging over twenty years of operational experience. Kate is responsible for providing strategic guidance and leadership for all aspects of the human resources function and establishing the vision and direction of core programs.

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The Quanta Advantage

In August 2020, Lee Electrical Construction, Inc. was acquired by Quanta Services, Inc. and changed its name to Lee Electrical Construction, LLC.

Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR) is the leading provider of specialized contracting services, delivering infrastructure solutions to the electric power and natural gas and pipeline industries. The company provides a comprehensive range of services, including the design, installation, maintenance and repair of virtually every type of infrastructure.

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