At Lee Electrical Construction, LLC we are constantly striving to improve upon our safety culture through leadership and worker involvement by applying current thinking in practical ways to achieve healthier and safer working environments for all employees. Safety is integrated into day-to-day work and not simply treated as something separate to be discussed during a weekly safety meeting.  Safety should be and is a part of every conversation and considered in every decision before starting a task.

Lee Electrical Construction, LLC considers our employees to be our most valuable resource. Their safety, and others around them, has and always will be our top priority.

Our management team works closely with all employees and customers to ensure safety policies are being followed and to engage everyone involved on how to become more safe every day.

Key factors to our safety success include:

  • A team of qualified safety professionals that visit crews weekly
  • Training matrix makeup where employees receive new and ongoing training quarterly and annually
  • Root Cause Incident Investigation (and prevention methods for future)
  • Daily conference calls to discuss incidents, near misses/good catches, root causes, prevention for all company and industry related events
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy
  • Routine safety audits of each crew
  • A week long new hire orientation process before each employee steps foot on their job